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Protecting Families And Preventing Homelessness

Housing & Family Services is a HSCP funded organizatin.

The Housing Stability Counseling Program

The Housing Stability Counseling Program provides resources for homeowners and renters who are dealing with loss of income, eviction, homelessness, or other serious issues. If you are a homeowner struggling with missed mortgage payments or forbearance, or a renter facing possible eviction, our agencies are here to help! Please contact us today

Defending the elderly

Defending the rights of minorities

Defending the low-income

988 is the new, three-digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL). 988 is now available nation-wide.

988 is more than just an easy-to-remember number. It is a direct connection to caring support for anyone in mental health distress. This may include:

  • thoughts of suicide
  • substance use crisis
  • emotional distress

988 is a free service available to everyone.


You can contact 988 by chat, text, or phone.

Call or text 988 to be connected with a trained crisis counselor. When you call, you can access support in Spanish by pressing 2. Interpretation services are available in over 150 languages.

To access 988 via chat, visit 988lifeline.org.

NYC has many great programs to support New Yorkers with food, money, work and much more. 


$35 Million To Avoid Foreclosure!

Thank you NY legislature for approving $35 Million to help struggling NY homeowners to avoid foreclosure!

We need to thank a lot of people so please do the following TODAY:

1. Please tweet thank you’s on your organizations’ twitter accounts to our champions and leaders. Graphic attached, as well as tweets and the handles to tag:

Tier 1 ‘thank you’ Tweet 

A huge win for NY homeowners w/ historic $35M in funding for #HOPP program in this year’s budget! THANK YOU @HeleneWeinstein @BrianKavanaghNY @SteveCym @LizKrueger @CarlHeastie @AndreaSCousins for championing this crucial funding to protect families against foreclosure.

Tier 2 ‘thank you’ tweet 

The NY state budget includes historic funding for the #HOPP program! Struggling NY homeowners hit hard by COVID now have access to free help to protect them from foreclosure THANKS to @JeffreyDinowitz @CharlesLavineNY @SolagesNY @bradhoylman!

Hochul ‘thank you’ tweet 

THANK YOU @GovKathyHochul for including historic relief to homeowners in budget w/ #HOPP program funding! HOPP will help preserve housing & prevent foreclosure for the thousands of struggling NY homeowners hit by COVID by providing them w/ free counseling & legal representation.

2. Tweet a variation of one of the above tweets and tag your members. The twitter handles for members are on the main  spreadsheet we used for tracking meetings.

3. Send a personal email to your members and their staff with whom you met. It can be short and sweet. Here’s some sample copy, and don’t forget to remind them about your services!: Thank you to Assemblymember/Senator X for their continued support of the NYS Office of the Attorney General’s Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP). We are grateful for the inclusion of $35 million in the final budget this year for HOPP. This funding will allow us to serve more homeowners who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are facing mortgage and tax default and foreclosure.


NYC still offers no-cost COVID-19 testing across the city (no insurance required). 

Find a test site near you: nyc.gov/covidtest

A Brooklyn doctor embarked Monday night on a humanitarian mission to Ukraine, where he’ll join a 10-person team to provide medical equipment and training at a vulnerable spot on the country’s border.

“We need to neutralize hatred from the oppressor with humanitarian love,” Dr. Conrad Fischer, a Brookdale University Hospital infectious disease specialist, told Brooklyn Paper …

Never hesitate to contact us about emergencies.

Safety Starts in Your Home

Signs: Natural gas smells like rotten eggs. May sound like hissing. You might see bubbles in water, blowing dust, or dying plants.

Don’t: Flip a switch, light a match, or touch appliances or electronics, including cell phones. Doing so can cause an explosion if gas is in the air.

Do: Get away and take others with you.

Call: At a safe distance, call 911 or Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED(1-800-752-6633) or National Grid at 1-718-643-4050.

Never assume someone else has already called. You can report leaks anonymously and don’t have to be nearby when help arrives.

More Safety Tips

  • Check that all burners are turned completely off when you’re done cooking
  • Make sure your pilot light is always on.

Take 30 Seconds to Be Safer

Campaign for older adults regarding Covid-19 and getting the vaccine.

Fire Marshal Reports

Do you need a report from the Fire Marshal? You can visit the NYC OpenRecords Portal and requests that report as well as many other documents. 

Almost two years into the pandemic, New York State renters and small and nonprofit landlords remain in dire crisis. ANHD’s new analysis of Census and housing court data reveals the extent of the severe rent debt and eviction crises and disproportionate impacts on people of color, which require both immediate and long-term solutions.

Hundreds of thousands of New York households have fallen behind on their mortgages or property taxes during the pandemic, putting them at risk of losing their homes after statewide foreclosure protections expired earlier this month. So what exactly should homeowners do? City Limits talked with three experts for guidance…

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